Cabinet Care and Maintenance

Your Colour Chart is your record of the brand, style, and colour of cabinets in your home. If you selected wood or wood veneer cabinets, expect differences in grain and colour between and within the cabinet components due to natural variations in wood and the way it takes stain.



Products such as lemon oil or polishes that include scratch cover are suggested for wood cabinet care. Follow container directions. Use such products a maximum of once every 3 to 6 months to avoid excessive build-up.

Avoid paraffin-based spray waxes and washing cabinets with water, as both will damage the luster of the finish.



If hinges catch or drawer glides become sluggish, a small amount of silicone lubricant will improve their performance.



Damage to cabinet surfaces and warping can result from operating appliances that generate large amounts of moisture (such as a crockpot) too near the cabinet. When operating such appliances, place them in a location that is not directly under a cabinet.


The Remington Group Limited Warranty Guidelines


During the pre-delivery inspection, we will confirm that all cabinet parts are installed and that their surfaces are in acceptable condition.



Doors, drawer fronts, and handles should be level and even.



Cabinets should operate properly under normal use.



We will correct gaps between cabinets and the ceiling or cabinets and the walls by caulking or other means if the gap exceeds Tarion allowances (locations behind appliances are excepted from this repair).



If doors or drawer fronts warp in excess of Tarion allowances, we will correct this by adjustment or replacement.


Wood Grain

Readily noticeable variations in wood grain and colour are normal in all wood or wood veneer selections. Replacements are not made due to such variations.

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