Cineplex Odeon Downtown Markham
Cineplex Unveils Plan for Downtown Markham

UltraAVX™, 3D and digital technology among the many features

Cineplex Entertainment has plans to be Downtown Markham's newest resident.

The company announced plans for Cineplex Odeon Downtown Markham and VIP Cinemas — an approximately 58,000 square foot theatre which includes 10 traditional auditoriums, three VIP auditoriums and 2,400-plus seats. This entertainment destination will be located in the new Downtown Markham development at Highway 407 and Warden Ave. Cineplex Odeon Downtown Markham and VIP Cinemas is scheduled to open in 2013.

“Downtown Markham is a very exciting new lifestyle development and the ideal location for us to build a new state-of-the-art theatre featuring our VIP Cinema experience,” said Ellis Jacob, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cineplex Entertainment. “The new theatre will showcase our traditional Hollywood movies but will also feature alternative programs such as the Met Opera, Broadway and National Theatre productions, concerts, sporting events and more, making this a true entertainment destination for Markham residents and tourists alike.”

“Cineplex is the best theatre operator in Canada and they are known for building great theatres that feature the latest in cinema technology which is why we wanted them to be part of our exciting new development,” said Christopher Bratty, President, Land Development and Investments Remington Group Inc.

VIP Cinemas provide a premium entertainment experience for guests aged 19 years and older. Each VIP Cinema auditorium features all stadium seating with expanded leg room, luxurious high back leather seats, side tables and reserved seating – enabling you to choose exactly where you want to sit. VIP services feature an array of food and beverages including an expanded range of appetizers which will be delivered to your seat via our in-seat service. Before or after the movie, there is a licensed lounge available exclusively to VIP Cinema guests.

“Cineplex VIP Cinemas are a premium entertainment experience that will create a new level of entertainment for Markham residents and I expect will attract visitors from the surrounding areas as well,” said Bratty.

UltraAVX™ is a technically superb entertainment offering, providing guests with a truly immersive movie-going experience. Guests attending a movie in an UltraAVX auditorium will be treated to a screen significantly larger on average than our traditional screens, superb Dolby digital surround sound, extra-wide high-back rocker seats and reserved seating.

All screens are equipped with Christie digital DLP projection systems providing guests with the crispest imagery and sharpest picture onscreen. Four auditoriums, including UltraAVX, will be equipped with
2 RealD 3D technology allowing guests to experience the many 3D movies available. Full stadium seating in each auditorium will ensure optimal sightlines and ample legroom.

Cineplex currently operates three VIP Cinema locations in Canada. These include the Cineplex Odeon Varsity and VIP Cinemas in Toronto, SilverCity Oakville and VIP Cinemas in Oakville and Cineplex Odeon Westmount and VIP Cinemas in London. In 2012, Cineplex Odeon Windermere and VIP Cinemas will open in the Currents of Windermere in southwest Edmonton and in 2013, Cineplex Odeon Abbotsford and VIP Cinemas will open in British Columbia. Additional locations are still to be announced.

“We are thrilled that Downtown Markham will be home to one of the first VIP Cinemas in Canada,” continues Bratty, “a perfect complement to the mix of fabulous retail and entertainment venues creating an experience that makes Downtown Markham a destination above all others.”

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