Remington Contemporary Art Collection

Remington Group Art

The Remington Contemporary Art Gallery is the epicentre of The Remington Group’s public art initiative in Downtown Markham. This exciting new gallery, curated by Shelley M. Shier, features a unique collection of work created by a distinguished and diverse group of international artists.

On the main floor of the gallery at 169 Enterprise Boulevard, visitors will get to experience a variety of multi-dimensional pieces of fine art intended to engage and inspire the viewer. A number of high-profile artists have been commissioned to fill the space with wondrous creations that reflect the eco-friendly values of The Remington Group.

In addition to indoor art, visitors to Downtown Markham will see a forever-changing outdoor exhibit that includes both freestanding sculpture and a celebration of street art. Designed to push social boundaries, the Street Art Wall on the east wall of 179 Enterprise Boulevard offers completely original artistic visions that challenge viewers. The Remington Group is thrilled to provide a venue to support this growing art movement.

The Remington Group has also transformed the gallery’s underground parking garage into a stunning exhibit featuring photographs of some of the world’s most famous street art. Hank O’Neal’s XCIA Street Art Project adorns pillars throughout the garage, adding even more dimension to the Remington collection.

Remington Contemporary Art Collection