Remington proud to support Evergreen’s City Builders Gallery

City Builders Gallery - The Remington Group

The Remington Group is proud to be a member of the City Builders Gallery, a unique art and exhibit space within the historic drying kilns at Evergreen Brick Works.

Evergreen Brick Works, located on the Bayview Extension in the Don River Valley, is a sprawling campus of heritage buildings that have been transformed into an award-winning public space showcasing green design and sustainable projects intended to enable flourishing cities of the future.

The City Builders Gallery is an art and exhibit space nestled inside one of the historic drying kilns formerly used for drying the bricks that built thousands of the buildings in the Greater Toronto Area.

“The City Builders Gallery will explore the past, present and future of cities,” said Chris Bratty, President of Land Developments and Investments for The Remington Group. “As developers, we can play a key role in this evolution so we felt it was important to support this initiative.”

The space is intended to serve as an example of what can be accomplished when city leaders come together to build a strong and prosperous city.

“The Kiln Building Redevelopment is not your typical retrofit,” said Geoff Cape, Evergreen CEO, on the Evergreen website. “Working closely with our construction and design partners, the project is leading the way in creating inclusive, low carbon flourishing cities of the future.

“We are grateful for the generous and ongoing support of our partners in further establishing Evergreen Brick Works as the destination for urban innovation in Canada.”

Remington understands the value of these partnerships in building communities and is proud to support green initiatives, which offer residents, employees and customers healthier, more inspiring places to live, work and shop. Remington is a long-standing member of the Canada Green Building Council and as of 2011, all new Remington Homes are ENERGY STAR® certified and designed to exceed industry standards in occupant comfort, building performance and longevity.

“Staying at the forefront of green building initiatives involves working closely with municipalities, service providers, consultants, and environmental groups to ensure that we are implementing the most cutting edge and resilient technologies available,” said Bratty.

Being a member of the City Builders Gallery reflects The Remington Group’s commitment to green design and sustainable building projects that will shape Ontario’s future.


MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE REMINGTON GROUP: https://www.remingtongroupinc.com

Remington proud to support Evergreen’s City Builders Gallery

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