The Mafia Muffin

Mafia Muffin - Remington Group

I got this from Alma, a great friend and mentor. Alma pushed me to cook and our love for cooking was amazing and something I dearly miss. I still make these bad boys at Bistro 7501 for our breakfast menu but, as pictured here, with a bagel.


12 slices good salami

2 tbsp butter

4 English muffins

8 slices Provolone cheese

4 large eggs

Pickled hot peppers or any hot peppers you wish


1. Cook salami in large non-stick skillet on medium-high heat with oil until crispy.

2. Place English muffin in buttered pan and let English muffin get crispy, then remove and let sit.

3. Fry the eggs up in butter, add salt and pepper and at the last moment add cheese and salami in layers.

4. Put the egg, cheese and salami stack you created into the English muffin and finish with hot peppers to kick it up.

The Mafia Muffin