Quick ways to refresh your home

Swap out furniture to update a room

We’ve all had plenty of time to be home of late and, for some of us, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore a lot of those renovation projects we’ve been putting off.

In the spirit of making the best of it – and since it really isn’t the best time to plan a major renovation when your home is now also your office, your gym, the kids’ school … well, you get the picture – we asked our experts at Remington’s Design Studio to weigh in with some less disruptive ways to freshen up your home.

De-cluttering is the first step

If you’re not sure where to start, the first step is to de-clutter advises Design Studio Director Paula Avbar.

“Tackle one room at a time,” says Avbar. “This is a great time to ‘spring’ clean. It is refreshing and vindicating. It can give new life to a dingy and ‘tired’ area of your home.

“If you look around, you’ll be amazed how many things are just laying around that you have been walking over for weeks, months, even years.”

While de-cluttering, she adds, give thought to alternate and more practical storage solutions.

“There are many websites that can assist with these ideas,” says Avbar. “And, you can order storage bins, baskets, etc., on-line if you are self-isolating.”

De-cluttering can be a good activity for the whole family. Kids can tackle their own rooms and you can work together on communal spaces.

“If you want to be more ambitious, a fresh coat of paint and re-accessorizing can alter a space drastically,” says Avbar.

In terms of re-accessorizing, there are no shortage of online shops where you can order new throws or cushions, a new vase or clock or some accent furniture.

If you want to keep it even simpler (and cheaper), try shopping within your own home. Consider a simple rearrangement of a furniture layout. And see what furniture or accessories you can swap from one room to another.

“Altering furniture in ANY room can be fun for anyone and gives surprising new life to the space,” says Avbar.

“Have your kids ever wanted to swap bedrooms? Now is the time! Flip-flop furniture, window drapes and accessories. It can be a fun task for them to help with and it passes some time to keep them busy.”

Planning for bigger changes

You’ve swapped furniture and accessories, re-organized and de-cluttered, but deep down know that it was only a short-term fix. You’re still not entirely happy with your home and are considering more significant changes.

“Really think about how you want your space to work for you, what does work and what doesn’t,” says Avbar.

Would you like to be able to see what your kids are up to in a family room while you’re in the kitchen cooking? Would you like to have more counter space now that you’re engaging more of the family in meal preparation?

Does your home need a dedicated quiet space for kids to do homework or a dedicated home office for you?

Is it time for the kids to have their own hang-out room or do you want to see all the toys in a separate playroom? Do mom and dad need a space of their own to relax and unwind? Or does the family need a more comfortable space where you can all gather now that you’ve created a new board game or movie night tradition?

If your list of what doesn’t work for you in your space still far outweighs what does, it’s the perfect time to start collecting design inspiration.

When it comes to creating a dream home, the Internet is our friend, says Avbar.

“Pinterest, Houzz and so many other fantastic websites are there to inspire us,” she says, adding, “I usually always have HGTV on in the background when I’m at home.

“Even if you catch only a few moments of a few shows, you start to get ideas and figure out quickly what your ‘style’ is. And there aren’t just one or two styles anymore. In my opinion, it’s most beautiful when two or three styles are merged to create your own eclectic style.”

Whether it’s a minor refresh or a major renovation you’re looking for, it’s time to start making the most of your home.

Quick ways to refresh your home