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The Remington Group does more than transform wood and nails into homes and commercial buildings – we breathe life into each project through our commitment to the entire land development process, and insist on quality construction.

We work closely with municipalities, regional governments and the province to ensure that future growth is managed responsibly, helping to provide a better quality of life for you. We strive to create communities with distinct character through comprehensive master planning and the application of urban design and architectural principles. Remington recognizes that public and communal areas set the stage for social interaction and community building. We believe in the magic and shared experiences that occur in the public realm; we are working hard to create parks and open spaces that will become backdrops of your memories for years to come.

Downtown Markham


Diversity in residential, commercial and industrial development has been the cornerstone of growth for the Remington Group Inc. since the 1940s. The company’s continued success has been built on a commitment to apply the same high quality standards to everything it does. The Remington Group Inc. is a Canadian company comprised of five integrated operating divisions: Industrial and Commercial Construction, Residential Construction, Land Development, Property Management, and Finance and Administration.

At the core of this dynamic organization rests the skillful and innovative leadership of brothers Rudolph Bratty, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Jerry Bratty, Chief Operating Officer. Two of the most respected and accomplished entrepreneurs in the real estate industry, the brothers have contributed their extensive legal, land development and construction expertise to advancing the vision of the Remington Group Inc.’s founder, Donato Bratty.

Today, a third generation of Bratty brothers has joined Rudolph and Jerry in maintaining the Remington Group Inc.’s ongoing commitment to quality and diversity.


Rudolph P. Bratty
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Bratty
President, Remington Low Rise

Christopher Bratty
President, Land Development and Investments

Jerry Bratty
Chief Operating Officer

Mark Bratty
President, Special Projects

Michael Bratty
President, Remington High Rise