‘Tis the season to stay green: Important message about sod

‘Tis the season to stay green: Important message about sod

Many new homes in The Preserve and Georgetown have recently been sodded or are scheduled to be sodded this summer. It’s important to know how to care for your new grass to ensure it roots and grows properly, and what homeowners are responsible for in terms of maintenance in the critical first few days of receiving sod.

· Sod, when first laid, requires constant watering in order to ensure proper adherence to the topsoil. It should be watered almost continuously (day and night) for four days and to a penetration depth of 4” to 6” inches.

· Soak with water within one hour of laying. One gallon of water during the first hour does more good than 100 gallons 24 hours after laying.

· The first four days after laying the sod are the most critical.

· After that period the new lawn should be soaked once a week to a depth of 6” inches by rainfall or artificial watering.

· If you anticipate being away from your home when sod is put down, please be sure to make arrangements to have a friend or neighbor water the grass

· Please remember to leave your hoses and sprinklers outside and water available at the outside tap, so we could provide the first watering as soon as your new grass/sod is laid.

· Once the sod is laid, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the sod.

· We will not replace dead sod due to insufficient maintenance.